Terms and Conditions:

1. The treatment must be booked one day in advance, and the cake must be ordered two days in advance.

2. This promotion runs from 12th May to 15th July 2023, both dates inclusive (the “Promotional Period”).

3. The Offers apply to cardholders of an eligible BEA credit card, except for the BEA corporate cards (“Cardholders”). Cardholders must present this original invitation MMS and use a valid BEA credit card to pay in full of any related payment at SKIN & Co. outlet during the Promotional Period in order to enjoy the Offers.

4. Cardholders must state their intention to use their BEA credit card before making payment to enjoy the Offers.

5. The Offers are only applicable to cardholders who were born in May or June, and cardholders must present their Hong Kong identity document or Hong Kong birth certificate to the staff for identification.

6. The Offers only apply at the SKIN & Co. outlet in Hong Kong, not including its online store.

7. Offer 1 cannot be used in conjunction with Offer 2.

8. Offers are valid from Mondays to Fridays, and public holidays, but are not applicable on Saturdays.

9. Each cardholder is entitled to the Offer once only during the Promotional Period. Offer is subject to a quota and is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

10. The Offers cannot be exchanged for cash, gift/cash vouchers, or other products/services, nor be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers. Please check with the beauty consultants from SKIN & Co. for details.

11. All information and photos shown are for reference only.

12. No person other than the Cardholder, The Bank of East Asia, Limited (“BEA”), or SKIN & Co. will have any right under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Ordinance (Cap. 623 of the Laws of Hong Kong) to enforce or enjoy the benefit of any of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.

13. BEA makes no representation or guarantee as to the quality and availability of the products, services, or information provided by SKIN & Co.. BEA shall not be liable for any matters arising from or in connection with the products, services, or information provided by SKIN & Co.. Cardholders should direct any queries or complaints to SKIN & Co. Shall there be any further existence of claims or disputes between cardholders and SKIN & Co., BEA should be informed of such claims or disputes within a reasonable period so that BEA can make corresponding handling.

14. BEA and SKIN & Co. reserve the sole right to vary or cancel the Offer and/or amend or alter these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice. In the event of any dispute, the decision of BEA and SKIN & Co. shall be final and conclusive.

15. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of Hong Kong.

16. If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between the English and Chinese versions of these Terms and Conditions, the English version shall apply and prevail.

To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!
Issued by The Bank of East Asia, Limited東亞銀行有限公司



1. 療程須於 1 天前預約,蛋糕須於2天前預訂。

2. 推廣優惠適用於2023年5月12日至2023年7月15日,包括首尾兩日(「推廣期」)。

3. 優惠適用於持有合資格東亞銀行信用卡之客戶,東亞銀行公司卡除外(「持卡人」)。持卡人須於推廣期內出示此邀請短訊正本及以有效之東亞銀行信用卡於SKIN & Co.分店作全數相關之簽賬以享此優惠。

4. 持卡人須於簽賬前聲明使用東亞銀行信用卡以享用優惠。

5. 優惠只適用於5月或6月出生之持卡人,並須向店員出示其香港身份證明文件或香港出生證明書以茲識別。

6. 優惠只適用於香港SKIN & Co.分店,並不適用於其網上商店。

7. 優惠一及二不可同時使用。

8. 優惠適用於星期一至五及公眾假期,但不適用於星期六。

9. 每位持卡人於推廣期內只可享優惠乙次。名額有限,先到先得,售完即止。

10. 優惠不可兌換現金、禮券/現金券或其他貨品/服務,亦不可與任何其他推廣優惠同時使用,詳情請向SKIN & Co.店員查詢。

11. 所有資料及圖片只供參考。

12. 除持卡人、東亞銀行有限公司(「東亞銀行」)及SKIN & Co. 以外,並無其他人士有權按《合約(第三者權益)條例》(香港法例第 623 章)強制執行此等條款及細則的任何條文,或享有此等條款及細則的任何條文下的利益。

13. 東亞銀行不會對SKIN & Co. 的貨品、服務或資料之質素和供應作出任何陳述或保證,亦不會就SKIN & Co. 的貨品、服務或資料所引起或與其有關的事宜負上任何責任。如有查詢或投訴,持卡人應直接聯絡SKIN & Co.。倘持卡人對SKIN & Co.之處理仍未感滿意,本行應於合理時間內被通知,讓本行作出相應處理。

14. 東亞銀行及SKIN & Co. 保留隨時更改或取消優惠及/或修改或修訂此等條款及細則之權利,而不會作任何事先通知。如有任何爭議,東亞銀行及SKIN & Co.所作的決定為最終及不可推翻。

15. 本條款及細則受香港法律管轄並按其解釋。

16. 如本條款及細則的中、英文兩個版本有任何抵觸或不相符之處,應以英文版本為準。

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